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Electoral Solutions

Trust at the speed of thought

Our speciality is to develop on-demand electoral applications that integrate perfectly with the tools that are already in place.

By investing in a personalized application, electoral commissions will gain in efficiency, productivity, and therefore profitability.

 For all electoral phases: Awareness campaign, registration, candidacies, electoral partners electoral lists, voter cards, transfer of electoral data, result and audit of the electoral file from the analysis of needs to implementation through execution and maintaining the application, our experts support you in all spheres of the realization of your electoral project. Flexible and agile management, foolproof security, constant support, optimized resources, savings and advisers involved; this is our commitment to you.

EQuaD : A solution for the quality of electoral data

EQuaD software is the essential solution for managing your electoral registers. It guarantees a good level of data integrity and it is involved in the traceability requirements of the different electoral phases.

Key features of EQuaD

Audit and control of the electoral register.

Corrections operation: Deletion and transfer of voters, creation of polling stations, assignment of voters to polling stations

 Division and mapping of electoral structures.

Dynamic geolocation of electoral structures.

Data management and statistical analysis.

Monitoring & analysis of registration operations

Validation of potential voters

Analysis of the electoral database in all its dimensions (legal, administrative, technical, statistical, geographic and security);

 Verification of the conformity of technical operations carried out on the electoral database with the applicable electoral texts and laws;

Real-time registry status control

Tracing of the modifications made on the individuals registered in the database

Voter history

Generation of an audit report presenting the results of the analyzes.

Editing voter cards

Edition of certificates

Breakdown by cantons, by offices

Cutting of even and odd channels

Correction Operations

Search for multiple registrations according to different criteria

Automatic detection of unstructured data.

Detects invalid fingerprints.

Indexes and saves all documents presented by voters to justify registration and modification operations.

Automation of operations for managing polling stations and assigning voters to polling stations, such as: voter assignments, voter transfers, bursting or merging of polling stations.

Entry of new electoral structures.

Assignment of voters to new polling stations by lot or by voter.

Voter Radiation Management

A workflow for managing radiation at the electoral database level, mentioning the appropriate reason: Death, Double registration, Loss of elector status, Radiation ordered by a judge Unduly registered, Invalid image, Invalid fingerprint, etc. …

Data Management and Statistical Analysis

Manage and encrypt the “kits” databases by structure and Design electoral lists,

Generate voter card files, Produce all types of disaggregated statistics from the electoral register.

Geolocation of electoral structures

Establish a dynamic map (Geolocation of all electoral structures) with the display of all their electoral data (number of voters (women / men), candidates, officials, contacts etc …)

Cutting and Mapping of Electoral Structures

EQuaD manages the coding of electoral structures based on the notion of inheritance and which allows: Quick access to different information, The stored data will occupy less space in the database, The uniqueness and non-redundancy of information .



ERPP : Election Resources Planning Platform

ERPP is a versatile election response and monitoring platform, designed to provide a unified online space to support election management. Developed with advanced technologies, it offers a multitude of features that make it a must for the conduct of complex electoral processes, being designed by electoral professionals, it understands the needs of electoral commissions, it has been adapted to the creation of a powerful and simple to use system.

Key features of ERPP

Risk & Event Management

Complete Monitoring of the Electoral Cycle

Notification & Alerts

Reports & Statistics in Real Time

Event planning

Online Map & Geo Tag

Decision-making platform

Validation workflow

Event calendar

Electoral Guide

Climate Forecast

Online survey

Traceability, Monitoring