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BRITech Academy

Offers essential training sessions available in Class Online.

Agile Methods

  • Understand what Agility is
  • Understand the main Agile approaches
  • Know the “practices” of an Agile project
  • Understanding Agility at Scale
  • Understand the different aspects of Agile transformation.

Cloud Computing

  • Understanding the fundamental elements, benefits and challenges of Cloud solutions
  • Understanding the impact of the Cloud on ESNs
  • Get an overview of cloud players
  • Design a Cloud strategy for the company.

The BI fundamentals

  • Create a data architecture adapted to users’ decision-making needs
  • Understand all the foundations for approaching a decision-making project
  • Master the concepts of object modeling
  • Measure the challenges and impacts of a decision-making project
  • Design and model a data warehouse
  • Discover the role of the different tools of business intelligence
  • Know the pitfalls to avoid during implementation.

Big Data

  • Understand the fundamentals of Big Data.
  • Tools and application for Big Data.
  • Understand all the challenges and factors to take into account to successfully integrate Big Data into the broad vision of IS.

Data Base

  • Appropriate the basic concepts Relational database terminology
  • Implementation of a relational database management system (RDBMS)
  • SQL language
  • Use the SQL data update commands
  • Know the SQL commands at the start and end of transaction BEGIN, COMMIT and ROLLBACK
  • Understand the concepts of system and object privilege management with the SQL GRANT and REVOKE commands
  • Create, modify and delete certain categories of objects (table, index, views …) with CREATE, ALTER and DROP.

Java /J2EE

  • Java Development Kit
  • JDK APIs
  • Deploying Java applications
  • J2EE architecture
  • Components, containers and services
  • Enterprise JavaBeans components
  • J2EE Technologies
  • JSF
  • JAAS / JPA
  • Spring MVC

IA  fundamentals

  • Understand what Artificial Intelligence really is
  • Use and register Artificial Intelligence in innovative applications
  • Introduction to Deep Learning
  • Conversational agents (chatbot)
  • Chatbot development with Azure Bot Service
  • Host your chatbot
  • Make your chatbot available on the different channels  (Facebook
    Skype ,Website,Direc, Integrate AI in a chatbot)



  • Understanding virtualization solutions
  • Understand the principles and strategies of virtualization
  • Identify the technical solutions essential to the success of the project
  • Compare the solutions proposed by the main players
  • Decide on the eligibility of resources to virtualize and internal challenges
  • Integrate virtual environments within the physical infrastructure and Data Centers
  • Have a global implementation methodology
  • Understand typical cases of production and implementation.


  • Detect the vulnerabilities of a system by knowing the different targets of a hack
  • Apply basic measures and rules to combat hacking
  • Understand the mechanism of major attacks.


  • Know the principles of the DevOps approach
  • Understand the impact of the DevOps approach in infrastructure, and in particular Infrastructure as Code
  • Understand the impact of the DevOps approach, containers and CaaS
  • Start a process towards a DevOps organization.